birthday and novelty cakes

Miranda's cakes can be decorated to any design you wish. Here are some of Miranda's recent birthday cakes. Please click on the cakes to see an enlarged view.

Here are some cakes that Miranda has made for children.
'Ariel' sits on a chocolate sponge covered in real milk chocolate.  The 'rocks' are made with chocolate covered popcorn. A chocolate hedgehog family decorated with real milk chocolate flakes and Smarties. A mermaid sitting on a chocolate sponge covered in real milk chocolate, with Belgian chocolate shells. The hippo family in bed. A chocolate sponge ladybird on icing 'grass'.  The baby ladybird candle holders are also made from sugarpaste A novelty madeira based cake with jam and butter-cream filling. A heart shaped cake with a lace frill.  For my own daughter's 9th birthday. This was for my daughter's 11th birthday.  She's a big fan of Eeyore and chocolate cake.

18th and 21st birthday cakes.
A rich chocolate cake with quilted sides and a sugar-crafted pale blue star-burst. A madeira sponge with a sugar-crafted ballet dancer and a double row of frills. A 21st birthday cake with sugar crafted flowers. A 21st cake for a hockey player. An 18th celebration chocolate cake with sugar-crafted key, bows and candle holders.

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Cakes for adults.
A 60th birthday cake for a member of the MCC. A joint 70th and 75th birthday cake. A 90th birthday cake. Another 90th birthday cake. A rich petal-shape 70th birthday fruit cake with a simple design. A 70th birthday cake.  A square rich fruit cake with sugar crafted floral decoration, frills and bows. A simple cake decorated with blue and gold sugar crafted flowers and leaves. A petal shape rich fruit cake with sugar crafted snowdrops and double frills. A modern petal-shaped rich fruit cake with burgundy and white sugar crafted flowers, frills and bows. A cake for a thespian. A 10 inch all butter madeira decorated with sweetpeas - the lady's favourite flowers.